I am Italian and I belong to a family who played quite a big role in the fashion history of the last fifty years.

My uncle was the one who discovered a young and talented designer named Gianni Versace.

My father and my older brother on the other hand decided to work only in men's fashion and worked closed to other big designers as Enrico Coveri, Marithe' Fran├žois Girbaud, Franco Moschino and Valentino Garavani, just to name a few of them.

I grew up using the family company as my "playground".

I was paid " cento lire" to take the dust off the jackets shoulders and I started to admire the tailors who were working on the most beautiful fabrics with passion and love.

After many years in the fashion industry, I decided to go back to the roots of the tailoring business. I took over a tailor Shop in Milano and I started my new exciting venture: Duca Sartoria.

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