A concept of sartoria.
Care in every sense.

The choice of the suit is a moment of intimacy, the expression of personality. With Duca Sartoria, the customer is accompanied throughout, beginning with the choice of fabric and pattern, right through to the personalization of every detail. You are assisted for the entire duration of the process.


Delivered in 5 weeks

This is the time necessary to create a suit to the standard of Duca Sartoria. Each suit is made up of over 70 individual pieces, using fabrics of the highest quality and with great attention to detail to achieve the very best possible quality of tailoring.

The post-sartoria

The Duca Sartoria suit is born to last. Duca Sartoria guarantees to make any changes necessary to preserve a garment for the duration.

The travelling tailors

Max Girombelli and the professionals of Duca Sartoria are ready to bring their services to you wherever you require. This includes cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, as well as destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dabhi. And at your home.